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                          THE CLINTON CENTRE

            Clinton Place, Seaford, East Sussex BN25 1NP


Conditions of Hire

Any organisation or individual using the above premises should note the following:-

1.   They will be held responsible for any damage caused to the premises due to their occupation.

2.   The Hirer shall not use the premises for any other purpose or at any other times than those
      specified in the booking agreement.

3   .The Church shall not be liable for any loss incurred to the Hirer as a result of any event
     happening rendering the premises unfit for use or which may cause the premises to be closed
      or the Hiring to be interrupted.

4   .The Church reserves at all times the right of entry on to the premises.

5.   The Church will be under no liability in any respect for any damage or theft or loss of any
      equipment or personal belongings whatsoever brought on to the premises by the Hirer or any
      person enjoying the use of the premises for the purpose of the booking.

6.   The Hirer shall be responsible for the insurance cover against any injury or damage caused
      to or by the Hirer or his/her helpers, servants, agents, pupils, members or their friends whilst
      upon the Church premises and to indemnify the Church against claims or demands in respect

7.   The Hirer shall during the booking period be responsible for the efficient supervision of the
      premises including the effective control of children and the orderly and safe admission and
      departure to and from the premises in case of emergency.

8.   The premises shall be vacated by the end of the time booked and left in a clean and tidy
      state. All rubbish should be removed.

9.   The Hirer may not make any alteration in the decoration of the premises or affix anything to
      the walls of the premises without the prior consent of the Church.

10 . If used, the kitchen must be left clean and tidy and any crockery used put away.
       Chairs should be stacked and tables folded.

      The toilets should be left clean and flushed.

11.  The Hirer shall not leave anything on the premises unless authorised by the Church.

12 .  Party political meetings are not allowed.

13.   Whilst raffles are allowed, other forms of gambling are not permitted.

14.   Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.

15.   Dances arranged as social functions for the members and friends of members of organisations
        meeting on the premises may be held but
public dances are not permitted.

16.   Any dramatic performance or entertainment or the showing of film, slides or video recording
        must have the prior approval of the Minister and property stewards, with reference to the
       Church Executive if necessary.

17.   If food preparation (other than the supply of coffee/tea and biscuits, etc.) is to be undertaken,
       users must ensure that a person with the relevant hygiene certificate is present.